Locked U

Have you ever been arrested or heading that direction? School of hard knocks has landed you on the “prestigious” institute of incarceration? I’ve been there with you. This blog was created with you in mind. Also if you are just curious in the life of an incarcerated individual, then I hope this blog is beneficial…Read more Locked U


Stories From The Annex: El Cuñado

When you're locked up people tend to work out and stuff; our pod was no exception. The main tank boss had a group of inmates that went hard and they all had ripped bodies and stuff. They used to sit on people while they did push ups, tank boss was ripped like crazy! There was…Read more Stories From The Annex: El Cuñado

Telso: The Broken Puppet

Telso, he was an interesting individual. Like El Cuñado used to call him, we had nicknames on top of nicknames, his nickname was "El Titeré Descompuesto," which means the broken puppet in Spanish. The reason El Cuñado gave him this nickname is because of the way he walked, like if you had a puppet, but…Read more Telso: The Broken Puppet

First Time In The Looney Home

I've been focusing on jail and prison incarceration and only, but another form is found in mental facilities. This is my account of the first time in the mental hospital. I've been diagnosed with MDD, Major Depressive Disorder, officially in 2011 after I was released from jail, although I've been dealing with it since early…Read more First Time In The Looney Home

About Myself

I believe I need to introduce myself, I am known as Ivan Gomez and yes, I've faced incarcerations quite a few times. To be exact I've been arrested and thrown in jail starting on Summer of 2006, Fall of 2007, Summer of 2011, Spring 2015, Fall 2016. These are just arrests, don't go too far.…Read more About Myself

First Time In Jail (Story)

SocoLoco My first time arrested It was the mid 2000's, one of those regular crazy weekends that we so get accustomed to, if you can relate. I first met my best friend and brother, Chuck the first day of 7th grade. I was in band, played trombone, and as usual, I got yelled at and…Read more First Time In Jail (Story)