About Locked-U

Are you or have you been incarcerated in any way or form? Do you have family, or loved ones, that are currently facing, have faced, or will be facing incarceration?


If the answers is yes, this blog was created for you. This is my very first attempt at blogging so if I make a mistake, or you have some helpful tips, I’d appreciate it. Any comments are appreciated.


If you’d like to request a pen pal for an inmate, I will be happy to write to them and interact with. For right now, I’m going to be doing it out of pocket. I hope to make it grow so that I’ll have to be needing help to cover postage.


If you’ve been in jail or you’d like to request a pen pal from current incarceration, please write to me as well.

I’m reaching out to ALL people who are in currently incarcerated, no matter which place you find yourself in.