I believe I need to introduce myself, I am known as Ivan Gomez and yes, I’ve faced incarcerations quite a few times. To be exact I’ve been arrested and thrown in jail starting on Summer of 2006, Fall of 2007, Summer of 2011, Spring 2015, Fall 2016. These are just arrests, don’t go too far.

First one got dismissed, the next one was for driving with a suspended license in a county that arrests for that, and the rest have to do with the same case. The last one shouldn’t of have been, neither the previous in that case.

I am 31 years of age and I reside in the West Texas City of El Paso. I did serve prison time (TDC), and I was stationed in Middleton in Abilene,TX. Yes, a transfer unit to those familiar.

I noticed, in jail my last time, that we’re always talking about the bad things and situations that we face in there, but we soon forget given our freedom.

There needs to be a change, and hopefully I can help bring these problems into air. I’d love to interact with former and current prisoners. If you have a prisoner in mind and you’d like for me to, you can send me their information via email through the contact page.

I’m not saying that I’m an expert in the incarceration aspect, but I am saying that I’d like to help. There will be a change if we all unite.

If you’d be interested in writing to a current prisoner, send me an email as well through the contact page and please, share this page even if you’re not interested.


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