First Time In Jail (Story)


My first time arrested

It was the mid 2000’s, one of those regular crazy weekends that we so get accustomed to, if you can relate.

I first met my best friend and brother, Chuck the first day of 7th grade. I was in band, played trombone, and as usual, I got yelled at and sent to the back, after putting up my things.

The back where the percussion is usually located. There, playing the bass drum, was where Chuck was located as well and ever since that day, we’ve been the bestest of friends and brothers.

We’ve been through a lot of first, first time in the office, first suspension, first lay, etc… And first arrest!

The day was a typical weekend, we got ahold of some information about a party, graduation party. During this time, I was driving my Ford Escort GT. It was a 1991 I believe. When it’s usually our group of friends, and we got invited to a party; we kind of bought extra stuff. This time one of us acquired our own keg for the party.

“COPS!” Oh, time to go… Guys got into the car, I put it in reverse, but a cop car decides to block me in.

“Damn we’re caught!” Says Gil from the back as you see flashlights appear from all over.

A cop flashes his light next to my rolled down window, “Where’s the keg! Where’s the keg!” They ask us because Omar, was caught carrying out keg stand.

“Inside.” I say as I’m trying to adjust to having a beam of lights aimed at my pupils.

The police get excited and all the officers ran into the party to get the beer and forgot about us. What does a 19 year old college student do when faced in this circumstance? I yelled, “Get in! Let’s go!” And we take off…

Driving through the roads of Socorro, TX part of the El Paso metropolitan area, we start arguing about what to do.

We conclude that the wisest option is to stop and get a bite so we can sober up; next destination is Whataburger. Went to the Whataburger on Socorro road and bought us some regular Whataburgers. We ate one in the parking lot and decided to take off to Chuck’s house on the other side of town.

As I’m driving, a cop car spots me driving the opposite way.

Chuck, “Oh shit! Don’t look at him, just keep driving. Maybe he won’t pull us over.”

Police cruiser stops, does a U-turn and lights come on!

“Ah damn, they’re pulling us over! Fuck!” Omar’s disappointed comment.

There Chuck hands us all a burger and says, “Okay calm down guys, we’re caught. Fuck it just eat your burger, we just came from Whataburger; that’s all we know okay?”

After about 5 minutes, the police officer finally decided to come out to the side of my window, takes me out, and gives me a field sobriety test.

“How much have you drank?” Says the police officer.

“Nothing, I swear sir.”

I had a glass pipe on me, I remembered about it when I was inside the car, but I had no clue what to do. I just took it out and had it in my hand. When the cop started patting me down, I put it under the car’s spoiler. He checked me and started talking to me, the pipe decided to roll off and hit the floor.

“What’s this?” Says the officer.

I didn’t know what to say so I just said that it was a pipe. He then took everyone else out of the car and they got detained until they got picked up.

I got transferred to the El Paso County Downtown facility with 3 others, we all got caught for DWI. In downtown, they asked for my information again, saw the nurse, and got placed in one of the holding cells where someone from my high school recognized me and we start talking, happens all the time huh? Too soon if you ask me.

I decided to pass out, when I came out of my slumber. I realized that I was in another cell on the other side of the jail. I freak out, “What! How did I get here?”

The high school acquaintance says, “We walked over here dude.”

I didn’t know that I was bailed out. A little after, I found myself out on the streets of El Paso. The guy that recognized me was as well too and he offered me a ride home. That was my very first time.






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