Locked University

Well hello and salutations, have you been arrested? Are you heading to jail? Maybe you are just curious and decided to look it up. Maybe one of your loved ones is heading there.


I decided to create a page blog for things such as this. A page for maybe what you or yours loved one might expect.


I’ve been both incarcerated in jail (El Paso County Downtown and Jail Annex), and in prison (TDC).


Being locked up makes you realize a lot of things. However One main thing is that we see that there’s all these problems, but once you’re released, one is so excited that we forget about them for the most part or we just talk about the problems, not do anything.  I decided to do something after my last time being in that place.


I created this blog also to look for more interaction with prisoners or people who are doing time in jail. It gets lonely in there and if you have a loved one that could use a pen pal, I’d be happy to write to him/her. Right now I’ll be doing it out of pocket, but later, I’m going to just need the help with the postage.


If you’d like to write to a prisoner as well, you can send me an email and I’ll send you a prisoner for you to write to.


Most would love to talk to a female pen pal, but they don’t mind who writes to them.  You kind of manage to feel forgotten locked up.


This blog is going to be changing and redesigned to further meet yours’ and my needs.


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